Melford Village


A 5-story apartment building, called  "The Aspen Apartments at Melford Village" is planned on Curie Drive in Melford.

Project Snapshot

Detailed Site Plan to construct a 389-unit, 5 story residential apartment building on 149,390 sq. ft 

East of MD 3 in Melford. Apartments are to be built on the west side of Curie Drive, approximately 850 feet north of Melford Boulevard

6.62 Acres (of a 25.1-acre Site)/Zoned M-X-T (Mixed Use Transportation Oriented)

Review/Approval Process for Lots in Melford Village:

  1. Conceptual Site Plan (completed)
  2. Preliminary Plan of subdivision (completed)
  3. Detailed Site Plans for individual building sites. These typically include building plans, architectural design, and landscape plans (pending)

Prior Approvals:

  • Rezoning
    In 2006, the overall Melford property was rezoned from E-I-A (Employment and Institutional Area) to M-X-T, via the Bowie and Vicinity Master Plan and Sectional Map Amendment (SMA).

  • Conceptual Site Plan
    On April 21, 2014 the Bowie City Council voted to approve the Conceptual Site Plan for the Melford Village, with eight conditions, but determined that the residential component should be revised to include 1,000 senior multi-family units (which may include assisted living facility units), 1,000 non-senior multi-family units and 500 townhouse units.  On March 23, 2015 the Prince George’s County Council, sitting as the District Council, approved #CSP-06002-01, with 25 conditions.  

  • Preliminary Plan of Subdivision
    On February 6, 2017, the Bowie City Council voted to recommend approval of the Preliminary Plan of subdivision, with nine conditions.  On March 9, 2017 the Prince George’s County Planning Board approved Preliminary Plan #4-16006 with 24 conditions.  The Preliminary Plan of subdivision proposes a total of 1,793 dwelling units, including 293 townhouse units, 1,000 multi-family market rate units, 500 senior age-restricted multi-family units and 359,500 sq. ft. of commercial and office uses.

Documents Related to the Current Proposal 

Detailed Site Plan for The Aspen Apartments at Melford Village

Other Building Construction Activity at Melford

  • Hotel
    A Detailed Site Plan containing 235,289 square feet was approved in 2008 for three hotel buildings with 362 rooms.  The proposal included a Courtyard, a Springhill Suites and a Residence Inn.  Construction on the first hotel building, a Courtyard, began in 2016.

  • Thrive Assisted Living Facility
    A Detailed Site Plan for a four-story, 110,000 square foot, 140-unit assisted living facility was approved in 2016.  Site grading and building construction are underway.

Traffic Calming

Letter from Public Works re:  Traffic Calming Improvements on Belair Drive