1. County Hearing on Bowie Marketplace Housing January 26th, 10 a.m.

    The Prince George's County Planning Board will conduct a public hearing on the Preliminary Plan of Subdivision for housing at Bowie Marketplace. The hearing takes place at the County Administration Building in Upper Marlboro. Read on...
  2. Upcoming Hearings on Development Projects

    In the next few weeks, hearings are scheduled in Bowie and/or at the County level on several projects. They include: Bowie Marketplace Housing, Melford Village, Amber Ridge, and Karington. Details
  1. City Council Hearing on Melford Village February 6th

    St. John Properties, Inc. requests the City's recommendation of approval for a Preliminary Plan of Subdivision for Melford Village for 1,793 dwelling units and commercial and office uses. This item was postponed from the Jan.17th meeting. Read on...
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Owner, St. John Properties, Inc. is requesting the City’s approval recommendation for a Preliminary Plan of Subdivision for 1,793 dwelling units, including 293 townhouse units, 1,000 multi-family units, 500 senior age-restricted multi-family units and 528,500 square feet of commercial and office uses.

This item was originally scheduled to be heard at the January 17, 2017 City Council Meeting. At the developer's request, the matter was postponed until the February 6, 2017 Council Meeting. Following the City vote, the County Planning Board will hear the Preliminary Plan of Subdivision. (A Conceptual Site Plan, allowing up to 2,500 residential dwelling units, was approved in 2014.)  

This project is nearing the end of the Development Review Process. Detailed Site Plans must be approved for each parcel in the development, prior to the issuance of building permits.  Public hearings will be scheduled by the City and County as each Detailed Site Plan is filed for this project.

Other Activity at Melford


Clearing and grading are underway on a parcel of land on Melford Boulevard slated for a hotel. A site plan containing three hotel buildings was approved by the County in 2008. To date, one hotel has received construction approval on the site.

Thrive Assisted Living Facility

An assisted living facility is planned at Melford. The Site Plan for Thrive Assisted Living Facility was approved by the County in 2016. The 140-unit facility will take approximately 16 months to complete. 



Melford, formerly known as the Maryland Science and Technology Center, and before that as the University of Maryland Science and Technology Center, has a long and complicated history. It currently is home to a US Census Bureau Computing Facility, the Institute for Defense Analysis, the Masonry Institute Training Facility, the Prince George’s County 911 Center, several office buildings of varying sizes, and flex space.

Please contact the Planning Department if you have questions about this project at 301-809-3047.