Whitemarsh (Jesuit) Property Proposal

jesuit prop map largerProposal for Whitemarsh (Jesuit) Property

The City has been contacted by a developer interested in building approximately 440 homes (single homes and townhouses) on both sides of Annapolis Road in the vicinity of Sacred Heart Church on land commonly known as the Jesuit property. The area, which is outside the City limits, is already zoned residential, but would require a zoning change for the proposed development. 

The developer introduced its plans to City Council at the August 1, 2016 City Council meeting. It was the first of many public meetings and hearings that will take place on this proposal. More information, including a map of the proposed development area can be found in a staff report presented to Council for the August 1 meeting. 

Rezoning Application

Elm Street Development has submitted a rezoning application to the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission  to change the zoning from R-E (Residential Estate) and R-A (Residential Agricultural) to R-S (Residential Suburban) Comprehensive Design Zone (CDZ) for single family detached and single-family attached dwelling units. This zone is the same planned development technique used in the existing communities of Northridge, Highbridge, and Bowie Town Center. 

The Zoning Map change is only one of several review processes that the developer will need to go through before being granted permission to build on these parcels. The review processes are County ones; however, the City of Bowie does provide input to the County before decisions are made. The one aspect of the development that is within the City of Bowie’s authority to decide is access to water and sewer service. The property is not within the municipal limits of Bowie. The developer will be requesting connection to the City’s water and sewer facilities in order to build the development. The development must be annexed into the City in order to connect to City water and sewer facilities.


The City of Bowie hosted a Stakeholders Meeting at City Hall on Monday, September 26 about a rezoning application submitted by Elm Street Development.

Documents and Information from Stakeholder Meeting:
Person of Record Form for Prince George's County 
Person of Record Document
Citizens Handbook
Whitemarsh Stakeholders Meeting Video
Stakeholders Meeting Memo to City Council
Link to Approved 2006 Bowie and Vicinity Master Plan on M-NCPPC website
September 26, 2016 Stakeholders Meeting -  Elm St Developer Slides 
September 26, 2016 Stakeholders Meeting Notice

Staff Report for August 1, 2016 Meeting on Residential Proposal by Elm Street Development
Bowie Vicinity Master Plan