Learn More About

  1. City Holidays

    Dates and what's open and closed on City Holidays

  2. Awards, Grants & Scholarships

    Grants, scholarships and recognition programs

  3. Bowie License Plates

    Bowie license plates are now available.

  4. Ebola

    Basic information about the Ebola virus

  5. Field Allocation Process

    Learn more about the field allocation process.

  6. Holiday Giving

    Learn about City of Bowie opportunities for holiday giving

  7. Ice Arena

    Browse through information on the Ice Arena.

  8. Moving To Bowie

    Check out helpful information for those relocating to Bowie.

  9. Our History

    Read a brief history of our city from 1683 to present.

  10. Park & Picnic Reservations

    Reserve a park shelter or picnic area.

  11. Trash & Recycling Collection

    Access information on trash and recycling collection services in Bowie.

  12. Zika Virus